Friday, March 23, 2012

My Happiness Commandments - Savor the Present

I have been quite focused lately on trying to savor the present despite my posts on wanting to downsize, etc.  I am dealing with those feelings by creating plans to make the present even better than it is.  This lets me do something that has been shown to enhance happiness - Anticipate the event or thing while planning/preparing.

Right now I am making plans to deal with the dying ground cover in our front yard and the clearing of undergrowth in our wooded area.  Two of my friends who are master gardeners were at book club last night and gave me advice on the ground cover - two options actually.  We will discuss them this weekend and make a decision.  One of them knows someone we might be able to hire to clear the wooded area - I will follow up and get the contact information.

Another key to Savoring the Present or course is to do just that whether it be a current event or thing.  Today I am savoring my newly painted basement stairs as I go up and down them to do laundry.  Yeah me for getting them painted!

I have also been stretching out the joy of our recent vacation by relishing the memory and sharing our happy experiences with family and friends.  Part of savoring the present is enjoying your thoughts and memories.

I like this Happiness Commandment because it helps keep me focused on the positive in my life!

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