Thursday, March 1, 2012

February successes and March targets

What's on tap for March? I'm not going to be particularly ambitious.  I am going to make myself actually paint/stain the basement stairs though.  Perhaps I'll find a place to get the antique chair fixed too.  And buy some shoes.  And join Carla's March Menu Planning Challenge.  Not a lot of ambition showing is there?  I'll learn the first week of March if I have a consulting project and if so will have to get started on it and we will be on vacation one week too.

So once again, an update on how the year is going so far. 

Decluttering - I had hoped to have 29 items out the door and came close with 28 including another pair of unflattering slacks.  I could go through the house and find 1 more but I'm happy with what I did.

Boost Your Energy Challenge - I continue to feel more energetic, but physical therapy is taking its toll on my activity level.  Walking the dog seems to aggravate my hip problem so I have cut back.  Still going to Pilates and active in daily life.  Good news is that my hip is slowly regaining the range of motion we are working on and I have retrained myself on how to stand.  Now to work on retraining myself on how I bend over!

2012 Plan Progress - 12 for 2012
1) Only buy clothing that is on my list - SUCCESS - Bought socks and 3 shirts! 
3) Reach & maintain target weight - SUCCESS - Lost 1 pound
4) Go 4 new places in my city - SUCCESS - We had a great time going on a tour of artist studios in a part of town never visited.
5) Try 4 new restaurants in my city - SUCCESS - tried a sustainable seafood restaurant within walking distance 
11) Follow my 2012 financial plan - We were successful in appealing our property value which will lower our property taxes for 2011 - 2013.  The unexpected expense of the month was having to replace a tire on a car that is only a year old.  It kept losing air and no one could find the problem - probably the fancy, schmancy valve.  Otherwise just kept on doing the ongoing items and doing better at holding down food and gasoline costs. 
12) Complete House To Do List -We made progress on clearing undergrowth in the wooded part of yard but much to do yet.  I managed to hurt my back helping with it though (see relearn how to bend over above!).  I've started on the basement stairs - washed them and found leftover fence paint that I think I can tint to the right darker shade using some of my tubes of art acrylics.  Might be a free project if this works.  Hubby doesn't see the point as the basement is not finished but the laundry is down there and I go up and down those stairs a lot and they annoy me!


  1. Happy for all you did in February! And yes, paint those steps if it will make your laundry chore a little happier. ~~Bliss

    1. Thanks Bliss - and I plan to try to paint them. I'm not willing to do all the usual prep work so I may make them worse LOL.


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