Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Its a rainy day in Georgia & I am getting a lot done

It may be Valentine's Day and I have a cheery red shirt on along with my new glasses (a saga to be told there), but it is also a chilly, rainy day here so I put on some CDs and am going to dig through my to do list with a focus on the things I procrastinate on.

The first load of laundry is started, I am paying bills and reconciling insurance statements, the house is going to get cleaned and grocery list made, etc.  There will also be time to brush the dog, do my PT exercises, give myself a manicure and cook a Valentine's dinner, but hopefully I'll get to other things on my list like researching whether or not we should continue to pay for term life insurance, check off some of my volunteer to do list, read a bit and maybe do that at my favorite coffee shop. And I should mention that we went out last Saturday for a lovely dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day early.

Are you spending the day having fun or digging in as usual to work or other things?


  1. You have a productive day planned. What's for dinner?

    My husband and I are going on an overnighter. Some friends gave us a gift certificate to a hotel about 45 minutes from us - we figured why not take the day off work and chores and use it!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


    1. Adrienne - Sounds like a perfect break and celebration for the two of you. Dinner is a plan in progress with salmon steaks thawing and I'm going to look into something to do with the green French lentils in the pantry perhaps with a salad with goat cheese. Still thinking.

  2. It's raining here in South Carolina too. My Valentine and I went out to a special breakfast this morning. Now, it's looking like a good day to clean out some of the closets. Such is the retired life for us.

    1. Jim - Thanks for stopping by! I checked out your blog and am happy to have another to read each day. My Valentine still works full time so we focus on doing things on the weekends still but breakfast sounds lovely.

  3. Hubby is out of town so I am digging deeper in cleaning my sewing room, soooo much fabric and stuff! As much work as it is, I know I will love it when all is done


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