Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Monday thoughts

I was in the kitchen getting my second cup of coffee and looked out the window just in time to see this.  It was a happy surprise that we are going to have a sunny day today and can get outside!

I'm sitting here craving pumpkin pancakes and after looking at recipes am instead going to have a couple of my husband's frozen vegan sweet potato pancakes (the no effort solution).  I have no big plans for the day.  I want to watch the final episode of this season of Downton Abbey on-line, walk the dog, and call some friends and my future daughter-in-law who has just moved for a new job.  I may help my son move cross country when the time comes in a few months - he is staying a few more months at this current job.

I need to decide whether to make reservations for this which is the 90th anniversary celebration dinner at a restaurant near us - looks like fun and a good way to celebrate leap year doesn't it?  I would like to find at least one other couple to go with us.  Want to head on down to Atlanta and go with us?

February 29, 2012
Prohibition Dinner

In Celebration of our 90th year

Making Temperance Temporary Since 1922

 - Prohibition Dinner Menu -
Speakeasy Snacks

Devils on Horseback, Welsh Rarebit, Deviled Eggs,
Salt Roasted Nuts

Drink Pairing: Black Velvet

Clams Casino
Bacon, Garlic, Breadcrumbs, Butter

Drink Pairing: Cask Conditioned Rye Pale Ale 

Medallions of Lamb, Chasseur
Asparagus au Gratin

Drink Pairing: The Old-Fashioned
Chocolate Charlotte
Burnt Almond Caramel

Drink Pairing: Mint Julep


  1. The start of a lovely day...enjoy it all! I just got done watching Downton myself...lovely, lovely but sad I have to wait a year for more. ~~Bliss

    1. And did you hear that in the next season Shirley MacLain is playing Lady Grantham's American mother? I wonder how many seasons they will keep this going?


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