Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No Spend Challenge update - Week 2 and The End

It's the end of week two - so how did I do?  Pretty well given that this is simply an exercise and not a necessity.  I was wanting to see more clearly what spending brings value and what doesn't.  So I'm going to stop this challenge after two weeks.

What I will take forward is that:
- I need to budget more for food, toiletries, household products, alcohol purchases
- We really enjoy going out to eat and just need to pick the time and place to maximize that
- We plan most of our purchases anyway

First of all - the bargain of the week was buying a $50 gasoline card for $10 off and then getting an additional 5% off for shopping on senior discount day.

1. Keep food, household goods & toiletries spending at $110/week through buying only what is needed - no stockpiling! - Week 2: $122.54 - $12.54 over target
2. Entertainment will be free or very low cost (e.g. a movie) - Week 2:hubby went to a movie matinee
3. No eating out. - Week 2: $21 over target but still much less than we usually spend (2 visits to coffee shop & a lunch out for hubby.)
4. Focus on home projects that are no cost such as cleaning water stains off basement floor,  removing old bricks & boards from back of yard, drastically pruning or removing holly bushes by driveway, and cleaning leather chairs. - Week 2: boards are gone - no cost
5. Delay dog grooming and our haircuts an extra week or two which will result in fewer a year. The dog is pretty hairy right now so she will have to be groomed in January.  - Week 2: the poodle girl was groomed at 10 weeks instead of 8 (she was pretty hairy!) - if I can keep to a 10 week schedule it eliminates one grooming a year.  We bathe and brush her in between grooming appointments.
6. Buy no clothes, furnishings, and other optional goods. Week 2: Another exercise class cancelled - refund of $115; planned spending of $43.13 to buy 2 replacement lampshades

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