Thursday, January 19, 2012

The dog chewed up what?

Our dog hasn't been much of a chewer in the year we have had her.  Well, she did chew off some ties on slippers early on and don't leave a kleenex where she can get it (that is shredding more than chewing).  Generally though she just pick things up and carries them into a different room.

Yesterday though she ran bouncily into the study to share her excitement with me!  What was that in her mouth - and on the floor - and stuck to her ear?  Why those were stamps!  Where was the rest of the roll?  Chewed in two and unrolled in the dining room.  LOL.  Those stamps don't even belong to us as they are for mailings for the Friends of the Library.  I rescued the 3 stamps and the roll and rearranged my supply closet so they aren't in reach.  I guess the glue smelled and tasted good.  She sure was excited about this adventure.

Play with your toys puppsie!


  1. Uh oh. Our rescue dog hasn't been a chewer either--thank goodness. But we have had one major mishap ( which I have linked to may have already read it. But I crack up every time I look at this post and remember the day. I still miss the pillow, however. : ) ~~Bliss PS I wonder how far your dog would get if you mailed her?

  2. Bliss - We are both lucky our rescue pooches are chewers. Pretty funny about mailing my dog! I was just glad she didn't eat the roll of stamps as that would have been costly.

    1. I meant "aren't chewers" - I really need to eat some lunch.


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