Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Have you ever had a special art item made just for you?

My husband's cousin-in-law makes beautiful, high-end leather belts and guitar straps (check out his leather art).  I have a 1930's silver belt buckle and hand tooled leather belt that belonged to my Mom in her youth.  There was a time I could wear it, but it is too small now.  I've been thinking about asking our cousin if I can hire him to remake it into something I could wear.  I think I should.  Perhaps he could piece together the old belt and other leathers like he did in these.

One of my cousins makes beautiful high end jewelry along with being an interior and fashion designer (check out her artisan jewelry).  My style doesn't fit what she makes although I think they are beautiful.  I haven't asked her if she could make something to fit my style - perhaps I should and buy and wear to the wedding or rehearsal dinner in 2013.  I know she would be thrilled.

Another of my cousins husband is a pastel artist who does beautiful work - I've seen one online that is a picture of a boy holding the reins of two farm horse.  I've never asked to see his work and I would like to see it.

Many others in our family have also participated in the visual arts.  My Dad did wonderful pastel portraits and landscapes and my Mom did watercolors.  One son did a wonderful wood carving of a leaping dolphin.  A great-grandfather was an early professional photographer and carved a beautiful marble statue of an American Indian by a canoe - using dental tools so the family story goes!  One of these days I'll drive to my Mom's (a long trip) and bring it home.  I've liked it since I was a child.  I'll pick up some of my Dad's pastels then too.

Another of my grandfathers was also a professional photographer including doing early aerial photography during WWI.  My Mother-in-law painted beautifully in oils and my father-in-law tried it too.  Another cousin is a photographer and her sister teaches art. In fact almost all of the artwork in our home is work by family members including my husband and myself.

Over the years I have painted, drawn, made hand built potter and otherwise dabbled in visual arts.  Here's three of my paintings we have hanging in our house.  Sorry I can't get that last photo to turn right side up!  You can see I am a happy amateur.

But the relatives above are truly professionals and I will be pursuing deeper conversations with all of them and seeing if I can get customized works of art from these talented people.


  1. Your paintings are gorgeous!! You're so talented! I love the best as well! A work of art! Your family is so talented! :) My family is artistic as well... I think a good amount of it rubbed off on me, as I love the arts too!

  2. Nice that talent runs deep in the family...and your paintings are lovely.

    Yes, do get the belt re-done and check on the jewelry making cousin to see if she will make something for 2013. ; )

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments. I tried to post pictures of my cousins jewelry and my other cousins picture but couldn't get that to work. They are true artists who sell their work as does the leather worker and I admire their dedication and talent.

  4. The paintings are wonderful and the idea for the belt - combining something from that was your Mom's and your cousin's craftsmanship - that would make something very special indeed - I vote 'yes' to that idea! And 'yes' to more paintings~

  5. Thanks Sybil - the belt has been mailed off and we'll see if he thinks going forward remaking makes sense.


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