Friday, November 11, 2011

Visiting an elderly parent

I am out of town spending time with my 90 year old Mom who I visit three times a year, but talk to weekly.  She lives by herself since my Dad passed away a couple of years ago and has adjusted remarkably well to living alone for the first time ever.  Since we talk often and she lives in a very, very small town it is always interesting to decide how to spend our time together.  My brother and sister-in-law live nearby and see her at least once a week and they take care of many things for her.

Since I wrote this before I left I don't know exactly what we will be doing this time.  Usually we go out to eat and perhaps to a play or art show if available and she is able to go.  We tend to run some errands as she doesn't drive any more and she usually has a project or two for me to help with.  I try to cook most meals to give her a break, but truly she likes to go out to eat since I can provide the transportation.  We may go visit my aunt and cousin over lunch.  I take walks if the weather allows and we have a meal at my brother and sister-in-laws.  It is pretty low key these days, but I am so lucky to still have her and she is so mentally alert and interested in everything. 

If you have an elderly parent how do you spend time with them?


  1. I hope you are enjoying your visit with your Mom. When I visit my folks, I try to help with errands and take them to doctor's appointments, but my Dad's favorite part is taking me to lunch.

  2. Sounds like our visits are similar and my Mom loves to go out to eat. We managed two restaurant meals and lunch at my brother's house so she got out quite a bit!


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