Friday, November 18, 2011

How am I doing on my Happiness Commendments?

I've been thinking about how I am doing on living my Happiness Commandments.  Here's a summary.

1. Choose optimism - My nature seems to be to wake up optimistic each morning.  The challenge has always been to keep that dynamic going all day and to apply it to the more difficult parts of life like health challenges, feeling in a rut, etc.  Focusing on what I am thinking has been a huge help for me in this arena whether the issue is large or small; short term or long term.  And that helps what comes out of my mouth.

2. No complaining - This was inspired by the Complaint Free World Project and is a habit now after a couple of years of practice.  It also includes no criticizing or judging which is harder.  I have been making an exception for "discussing" some tough situations or outrageous behavior of others that has left me shaken.  I recently complained loudly about being the target of someone's irrational anger so I guess I need to work on this for more extreme situations.

3. Savor the present - Getting better at this partly due to a lack of long term goals LOL.  I've never been one to wallow in the past, but the future is another matter.

4. Take action - Again working on this (see lack of long term goals).

5. Focus on energy - I have been approaching this by pushing myself physically and when I feel physically exhausted reminding myself that I am building endurance for the future.  More work needed here.

6. Be connected - Doing well with family, OK with friends and taking steps to make more friends.

7. Listen with curiosity - Now that I think about this one it could become a long term goal.  Not there yet.

8. Spend time enjoying nature - Dog walks and leaf raking are making this happen right now.  We went to the botanical garden recently too.  A pretty time of year to be outside.

9. Always be learning - The new consulting projects I accepted are giving me a good dose of this.  Hmmm - wonder what will help accomplish this in early 2012?

10. Work within the life I have right now - Yes.  Enough said.

11. Have long term goals - See above.  Other than our financial goals and some travel goals this is a gap that needs correcting.

12. Use my creativity - Not much lately.  I used to paint and have thought about doing NaNaWriMo or its equivalent by writing a murder mystery.  I am very busy this November so didn't do this but perhaps I should plan it for 2012 - a long term goal?

It is interesting that as I went down the list I found I was less successful in living the commandment.  Perhaps I knew that when I created the list.  I'm going to think about whether 12 is the right number, if these are still the right ones, and what I can do in 2012 to be even happier.

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