Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Healthy Wednesdays - More good news about coffee

Like most people I gravitate toward headlines that tell me what I'd like to hear.  In that category are recent articles in the Washington Post (Coffee isn't always bad for you and More good news about coffee) which again tells me that there may be some health benefits to all the coffee I like to consume!  Of course there is that little caveat that exercising and eating healthfully is most effective.

This got me thinking about headlines I'd like to see:
- Time Reading Blogs Good for Memory
- Sitting So Your Dog Can Sleep Next to You Good for Blood Pressure
- Watching Dancing with the Stars Increases Physical Fitness

Well you get the idea - tell me please that the research shows that what I like to do is good for my health!


  1. Pretty soon they'll be telling us hot fudge sundaes are good for our heart. LOL :)

  2. Red Wine Found to Decrease Wrinkles :)

  3. I love both of those headlines! Although I'd change it to white wine.


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