Friday, September 16, 2011

Specialty pet products

When we adopted our dog 8 months ago we went to the nearest pet store to buy her collar, leash, etc.  It happened to be a lovely store and we kind of went wild getting her fitted out without any comparison shopping.  What can I say - we had fallen in love with this rescue pooch.

We are still happy with most of the purchases.  I have since been given a much better squeaky toy that seems to be indestructible unlike the one we purchased.  I've found a less expensive source for her food although we have stayed with the same brand as she is doing well on it.

As we have started to use up some of the other products though I am shocked at how overpriced they were.  For example, poodles have to have the hair in their ears pulled out regularly to prevent ear infections.  Since poodle hair grows continuously like human hair this is part of the joy (NOT) of owning a poodle.  I do this every couple of weeks and had bought dog ear wipes to clean her ears which also soothes them a bit after the hair is pulled.  I learned that some people just use baby wipes instead of dog ear wipes so I shopped for those this time.  The difference - $9.99 for 25 dog ear wipes vs. $0.99 for 25 generic baby wipes.  Not to mention I had a soon to expire 30% off coupon for the store so I really only paid $0.66.  Amazing price difference for similar products marketed for different purposes.

We'll see if my dog likes and tolerates them as well - not that she likes the ear cleaning/grooming process as a whole but she does seem to like the wipe at the end.

Are there specialty products you have bought that you have later learned weren't needed?


  1. First of all, thank you for including me in you blogroll. I do get visits from your website and they are all much appreciated.

    Now about the dog. I attended a science fair for middle school students several years ago. One of the students had done an experiment with dog toys from various stores. It turned out that the good old tennis ball was a favorite over all those expensive toys she tried. I guess dogs have more common sense than we do sometimes.

    Be well.


  2. @b - You are so right. All of our dogs have loved tennis balls and I see at the grocery store that they now sell them in the pet aisle. Retriever breeds like our poodle especially love them. She does love her stuffed squirrel squeaky toy very much too and it seems to be virtually indestructable.


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