Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Goals for August


Have a grand time with our granddaughter during her week long stay! Hopefully this is the first of many vacation visits she will have with us. It will be nice to have our son here for a couple of days too.

Keep on making progress instead of avoiding - and note completed items:

1. Financial to do list

2. Power Outage prep and Bug Out Bags to do list

3. House decluttering and fix it to do list

Personal goals:

4. Steady progress on strength training (starting from wimpy!). My goal is 3x/week

5. Since I'm not happy with our grocery bill or our routine dinner menus, make an effort on both fronts. My goals are to pay attention to the basics of grocery prices and choices (unit prices, store brands, seasonal produce, etc.) and try one or more new recipes a week that could go into rotation or use up odds and ends. Time off this for granddaughter visit week. 

6. Continue to take notice of things I am thankful for each day and note them down

7. Be dedicated to do all the dog training class assignments and in other ways help the pup gain more control of himself. He's doing great so far but there are times LOL!

8. Consider what I want to do and/or accomplish in my next year of life! I turn 73 at the beginning of September so it is a good time to set some overarching goals and/or make some specific plans.

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful goal list. All very attainable.

    God bless.


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