2017 Goals

In order of importance - 

MOVE: Have a successful cross country move.

Done - Buy a house.
February: Found a house and started escrow
March: House closed March 22- We will sell a house.
January:  Bath remodel finished, signed realtor agreement
February: Sales agreement signed; buyers have scheduled inspection and have financing already.
March: Under contract with April 14 close date

Done - We will move us, the dog & our stuff across country.
April: We did it! 5 1/2 days of driving a rental truck and our car with the dog. Packed madly; unpacked; lots of paperwork and admin type stuff; moving helpers hired at both ends

Done - I will quickly learn my way around and how to get to each family members location from our new home.
April: I can get to the grocery stores, etc.

Settle in our new home including furnishing & refreshing it.
April:  "Popcorn" ceilings removed and painted; water heater replaced and plumbing leaks fixed; cable installed, new HVAC system, lots of unpacking completed
May: Termite treatment. More unpacking. Bought paint for master feature wall and dark ceilings. Carpets and upholstered furniture cleaned. Bought beds, bedding, some furniture, etc.

We will transition all of our medical care seamlessly.
April: Changed health insurance to CA.
May: Scheduled opthamologist appointment.

We will manage the vet, groomer and boarding transition seamlessly.
February: Found a vet
April:  Scheduled a vet appointment for May; found a pet store nearby that carries her food
May: Success with vet visit, got recs for groomer and boarding. Selected a groomer and it went well.

We will transition our electronic & financial life seamlessly.
April:  Changed address with online banking and credit card.
May: Bought and set up a new multi-function wireless printer. Obtained CA driver's licenses and car registration. Cancelled GA car registration & insurance. Changed payroll state tax to CA.

I will start collecting social security upon turning 68 on September 1st and add Medicare when hubby retires.
April: Phone conference with retirement counselor from Hubby's work. Have most of the paperwork and just need to get a form to prove to Medicare that I have had medical coverage.
May: Applied online for SS starting in Sept when I turn 68 & received letter verifying will receive first payment in October.

LOVE & FRIENDSHIP: I will make friends in our new location and reconnect in person with family.

Email or write a geographically distant relative or friend once a month at least.
January: 2 family & 2 friends emailed
February: In touch with cousins and brother
March: Brother again and wrote my aunt and a cousin
April: Emailed my CA cousin - must get together
May: Emailed a nephew who lives in San Diego re getting together once he finishes grad school.

I will spend as much time as possible with my sons, DILs and new grand baby as well as time with extended family.
Feb/Mar: 2 week visit with younger son, DIL and granddaughter; Just a brief visit with older son and DIL
April: Visits with son and DIL, cousins, FIL, aunt, BIL, nephew 
May: Brunch with son, DIL & granddaughter. Mother's Day with son and DIL. Lunch with FIL and Great Aunt.

Meet people and get involved in 3 activities/organizations in new location
April: Met 2 neighbors; attended new resident welcome tea.  Tried yoga and filled out volunteer form for theater production back stage support.
May: Joined Arts group and Women's Club. Went to pet club meeting, music performance and talk.

I will invite people over and to go places.
January: 2 lunches w. friends
February: Lunch and coffee with friends
March: Book club and coffee with best friend
April: Book club meeting and farewell dinner; farewell dinner with best friend

HEALTH: I will exercise regularly.

Done: Keep up with Pilates, stretching, walking and healthy eating before we move.

All preventive care appointments kept
January: Gynecologist and Orthodontist check ups
February: Saw internist for medication renewal & physical
March: Dentist routine appointment
April: Mammogram
May: Scheduled eye exam for June. 

Once moved I will take advantage of the pool and fitness center, join a Pilates studio and find good walking routes.
April: Tried a yoga class, took several walks
May: Walked
June: Yoga class weekly.

TECH: Up my tech skills and use.

Done - Improve my phone use skills (GPS, search, hands free, etc.).
Feb/Mar: Well buying and selling a house by getting documents to sign on your phone while traveling ups your phone skills a bit! Also used search and GPS while traveling so a bit more confident there 

Get back into genealogy research through Ancestry and DNA to find out where my maternal ancestors came from in Sweden and Ireland/Scotland.

See if hand me down IPhone5s and Garmin will fit my needs.

Research and hopefully buy a laptop before we move.

Learn to use my husband's tablet.

Look into Amazon Prime, Netflix and other options to expensive cable bills in prep for cable provider switch.  Because basic cable is paid through our HOA dues the rest of the cable, internet, phone package is much less expensive than before so we are going to stay with cable.

CLOTHES: I will have fun with fashion while creating a versatile, budget friendly wardrobe for my new lifestyle & location.

I will shop from my wardrobe shopping list adjusting it as my lifestyle changes.
January: 2 items from list + replaced broken watch
February: 1 top + brow pencil
March: nothing 
April: nothing except replacing watch battery
May: 7 clothing items + bracelet

I will try polish on my toenails.


  1. It occurred to me this morning that I am following no bloggers who are blogging through the same chapter of life as I am. So I found you via a search on Bloglovin'. I began blogging to help me adjust to an early retirement that left me lost. Excited to have found you and look forward to getting to know you better. P.S. I am doing a spring bucket list post for 3/19 and looking for like-minded gals to join me. If you are interested, please holler back!

    1. My email is mommyhon333@hotmail.com. Tammmie at My Retirement Project is going to join me for my bucket list post! Hope you will, too.

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